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Domuschola School aims to develop caring and productive global citizens who are critical thinkers, collaborative, and action-oriented through an international quality education.


At Domuschola School, we believe that each person is unique and a special expression of God's love in the world. We celebrate individual differences and view each one as a useful and productive member of society. We believe that education is a means to empower each person to work collaboratively with others, to think critically in addressing challenges in creative, insightful ways, and to take purposeful action to serve others.

Domuschola is a union of two Latin words, Domus which is Home, and Schola for school or a place of learning. 

Domuschola is meant to emphasize the close liaison between home and school, the two worlds of the growing student. It connotes that the school is the student's extension or second home and the teachers are their second parents. The coined word also illustrates the "bridging" of the student's home and the school in the continuing development of the student. It also underscores the critical role of the parents as active partners of the school in the continuum of education and upbringing.

The learning in school is not just academic but must have a carry-over application to the student's natural environments, the home and the community.

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At Domuschola School, we believe that…
• Each person is unique and a special expression of God's love in the world.
• Education is a collaborative endeavor among families, community agencies and      the educational institutions. Education is an internal process and requires the        active participation of the educand.
• Education serves a dual purpose. That is, the development of the pupil as a                unique individual and as a useful and productive member of society.
• The environment, both the physical and social aspects, should be for the                    common good of human kind.

Ideal Graduate

Our school leverages on the inquiry-based approach  of the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme that aims to develop a graduate who is




Domuschola traces its beginnings in the year 2000 when the Second Mom Child Care Preschool opens its doors to twenty-eight preschoolers.

The Partnership with TAO Corporation

In 2014, Domuschola forges ties with TAO Corporation and moves to its new and bigger location in Barangay Ugong, Pasig City with better facilities namely  the following:

In 2015, Domuschola becomes a candidate school for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP).

2017 - Domuschola becomes an IB World School for Diploma Programme

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Domuschola International School
International Baccalaureate


School building

School Disaster / Crises Preparedness

Domuschola is in partnership with Lifeline Rescue


Science Laboratory

Drama Area


Basketball Court

I.T. Laboratory

IB Primary Years Programme delivers a richer learning experience.
IB Diploma Programme prepares students for university and for real life.

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