Domuschola International School - School Fees

School Fees

School Year 2020 - 2021

The tuition fee is payable in advance for the whole year or per semester.  Tuition is due one month prior to the first day of school or upon enrollment.  For semestral payments, payment is due one month prior to the first day of each term.  Tuition may be paid via wire transfer or direct deposit to school accounts or via cheque. Cash payments are discouraged

Local and Foreign Students
Annual Tuition
Semi - Annual Tuition
Nursery/ Pre-Kinder 
P 187,500
P 103,125
P 237,500
P 130,625
Grades 1 to 5
P 272,000
P 149,600
Grades 6 to 10
P 289,000
P 158,950
Grades 11 & 12
P 404,000
P 222,200


-Students who enter during the 1st Quarter, FULL Tuition (Annual or 1st plus 2nd Semester) is charged.

-Students who enter on or during the 2nd Quarter, Half of 1st Semester’s Tuition plus Full 2nd Semester’s Tuition is charged.

-Students who enter on or during the 3rd Quarter, Full 2nd Semester’s Tuition is charged. Students who enter on or during the 4th Quarter, Half of 2nd Semester’s Tuition is charged.   


All fees other than the tuition fee are non-refundable. Ninety percent (90%) of the total annual tuition fee will be refunded if withdrawal is made within the first week of classes. Eighty percent (80%) of the total annual tuition fee will be refunded if withdrawal is made in the second week of classes, regardless of whether or not the student has attended classes. After the second week, no more requests for refunds will be allowed. The CDF is refundable when the student withdraws or graduates from the school with the proper clearance.  In case of default on any tuition, fees, surcharges, or penalties, the CDF will be applied against all unpaid obligations of the student to DIS.  The CDF will be refunded via Philippine Peso cheque within a month after submission of the Clearance Form.    


Schools Fees are payable in advance for the whole year.  For semestral payments, post-dated cheques are required to be submitted on the deadline date stated above or in the Statement of Account, whichever is earlier.  If School Tuition and Fees are not paid when due, DIS shall take action to suspend the student’s right to attend classes, to participate in any school and after school activities and events, to receive report cards, academic records or transcript of records.    

Cheques will no longer be accepted from those who have issued CHEQUES DISHONORED by banks for insufficient funds, closed accounts and/or other reasons.  Every month delay in collection shall be levied a penalty of 2% or PhP3,500 per month on all school Tuition and any other Fees which remain unpaid and outstanding after the due date stated.  Failure to meet these financial obligations in a timely manner may result in forfeiture of the student’s reservation or place.  


Educational Resources + Miscellaneous Fees, and Matriculation Fees are non-refundable & non-transferable and shall not be prorated for partial attendance during a semester.

Additional Fees for New Students

Matriculation Fee

Local & Foreign Students - P 50,000.00

One-time, non-refundable from Nursery to Secondary payable upon enrollment.

Capital Development Fee (CDF)

Php100,000 - The CDF is a one-time fee payable upon enrollment. No interest will accrue on the CDF. The CDF is refundable once the child withdraws or graduates from Domuschola. CDF refund will be processed 45 days from the date of formal withdrawal and upon completion of school clearance.

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